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Zippy-dee-do-da, Zippy-dee-yeah! My oh my its a wonderful day! Nothing beats being positive in the morning to get the blood flowing and the mind sharpened.
This boy's skipping puts me to shame.
Our gym class is turning out many fine gymnasts. These are going to represent Singapore in the 2016 Summer Olympics!
Hopping bunny. Helps train co-ordination and strong inner thigh muscles.
Columbia's own Energizer Rabbit.
What do Columbia's parents do when stress gets to them? Battle it out, Jedi style, at the Columbia Academy of Jedi-wannabes.
We may be good at academics, but we are good at dancing and singing too. See how we dance the "High School Musical" finale dance.

"Our philosophy is to help develop the fullest potential of the children under our care by providing them with a conducive and safe learning environment with qualified and experienced teachers and a small teacher to pupil ratio is maintained to ensure individual guidance and attention"