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Infant Care Programme

Our infant care program is develop with the general well-being of the infant in mind, with focus on the acquisition of language as well as the gross motor skill development.

To achieve this, our program has the following features:

Green Tick Our trained teachers will give your baby several massages a day. While giving the massage, the teacher will also talk to the baby, thereby accelerating his/her language acquisition.
Green Tick Immobile infants (2-8mths) will be gently guided by our caring teachers to stretch themselves so as to achieve muscular milestones a little bit earlier. This will also aid in their cognitive development as they will be able to explore their surroundings at an earlier age.
Green Tick Infants will be encouraged to crawl before walking so that they do not skip a crucial step in their development. Research has shown that infants who skip crawling or crawls very little may develop learning disability later on.
Green Tick Our specially designed mirrored walking bar helps coasting infants learn balance and confidence as they practice walking. They will be able to see themselves in the mirror as they coast and this will enhance their learning experience.
Green Tick Our push & pull area have many push and pull toys for the toddler to use in learning how to walk. The toddlers have fun while also learning social skills such as giving way, sharing and playing with friends.
Green Tick All infants will be introduced to music and rhythm program twice a day which will help develop rhythm as well as appreciation for music at a much younger age. Anecdotal evidence also points to children acquiring much of their language through nursery rhymes and songs.
Green Tick Our teachers use Standard English or Mandarin at all times to help your infant acquire correct language use.
Green Tick The nutritional needs of your infant will be closely monitored by our staff to ensure that he/she has the right nutrients for healthy growth. Children will also be slowly eased to pureed food and cereals and then to solids when they are ready.
Green Tick The environment of the infant area is filled with prints to introduce your infant to literacy at the earliest age. Story telling and flashcards will be an integral part of the daily routine of your child while in our centre.
Green Tick The daily schedule of your child will be individualized to suit his/her needs.

"Our philosophy is to help develop the fullest potential of the children under our care by providing them with a conducive and safe learning environment with qualified and experienced teachers and a small teacher to pupil ratio is maintained to ensure individual guidance and attention"



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